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Related article: Date: Wed, 27 Apr 2011 16:16:29 -0400 (EDT) From: DOGG Subject: xmen tales-27 / african riteDisclaimer: X-Men Tales: is loosely based on the X-Men- Evolution t.v. cartoon series, as well as the comicbook produced by Marvel Comics. ____________________________________________________________________The X-Men are mutants, unfortunate people born with an X-gene that gives them extraordinary powers and abilities which makes them outcasts to those considered "normal" in the world. _____________________________________________________________________________X-Men cast: (Teachers) Professor-X, Angel, Banshee, Beast, Bishop, Forge, Polaris, Storm, and Wolverine, The White Queen, Dr Mora MacTaggert,(Students) Cannonball-17, Cyclops-17, Colossus-18, Gambit-17, Iceman-16, Multiple boy-13, Nightcrawler-16, Northstar-17, Spike-15, Sunspot-16, Thunderbird-18 / Amanda-16, Jubilee-13, Karma-16, Magma-15, Premonition (Jean Grey)-17, Rogue-16, Shadowcat-14, Spirit-17, Syran-16, Wolvesbane-15, WeaponX-16 _____________________________________________________________________________WAKANDA: an African nation governed by the legendary bloodline of king T'Challa Black Panther: king of wakanda, and a member of the superhero group The Avengers. Storm: legendary goddess of air, with the power to control weather. She's also an X-Man. Spike: a mutant with the power to expel his bones as weapons. Also the biological son of king T'Challa and Storm._____________________________________________________________________________ X-Men Tales: -pt27 Title: AFRICAN RITE >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Pt-1<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Pt-2<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Pt-3<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Nudist Preteen wouldn't want my first time defeating you to be too easy...!" "Confidence..., I like that...!" smiled T'Challa, attacking with the staff again, right, left, right. It took every ounce of Evan's strength and courage (and a little luck) to defend against his father's attack, but it didn't take long for king T'Challa (aka The Black Panther) to totally disarm his son by sending his staff flying into the trees. Pointing the shaky end of his pole at his son's face, T'Challa said... "End of the road, son..., unless you have some tricks up your sleeve...?" "Tricks up my sleeve...?" asked Evan coyly, holding up his hands... "...funny you should say that..." he said slyly. T'Challa's eyes narrowed as the bones under his son's arms began to move. An instant later, Evan was shooting daggers (completely composed of bone marrow) in his father's direction. The assault was treacherous, as T'Challa had to duck, dodge, bob and weave his way by each 6" dagger (which shot into the bark of 1000 year old trees). By the time the air cleared, Evan was gone. "Oh..." smiled T'Challa, realizing there would be a hunt. "...we're playing hide n seek, are we...? Well I should warn you..." he said, already in pursuit. "...I always WIN that game!" Evan ran as fast his he could (jumping tree roots, ducking branches, bursting through bushes), to get as much distance as he could between he and his father. He knew his father's heightened sense of smell would catch his scent in the jungle like sweet perfume on a pretty lady. His only way of avoiding his dad was by getting to water, so Evan headed for the everglades. T'Challa realized where his son was headed, and became very alarmed. The everglades had deadly alligators and oversized snaked, Evan could get hurt (or worse yet, --killed) in a place like that. Taken to the trees, T'Challa's fighting session quickly turned into a rescue session. Evan Nudist Preteen saw the start of the everglades, and quickly ran in to erase his scent. The swampy waters came just below the knees as he ran through (his only focus to avoid his father's capture), completely oblivious to the eyeballs poking out of the marsh staring at him. Evan ran until he believed he was sufficient distance away, before finding a place to hide behind a large tree growing out of the swamp. He waited in ambush as his father suddenly appeared by the swamp's banks (where his son's trail ended). T'Challa visually scanned the area, looking for ripples in the (alga laden) waters. He noticed the rippling of hidden crocodile heading down water, and realized they must be closing in on Evan. "EVAN..." he called, an urgency in his voice. "...GET OUT OF THE WATER...! THERE ARE DEADLY MANEATING COCODILE IN THE WATER...!!" `Yeah right...' smirked Evan, skeptically. `'re just trying to get me to give in...' he reasoned, looking behind him just as one of the crocodiles began to open its large (razor sharp teeth laden) mouth for attack. ` I'm gonna fall for thaaAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH...!!!" he screamed, jumping out of the way just as the croc's jaws snapped shut. "What the fuck...!???!" he yelled, falling backwards into the water. The croc saw Evan go down, and rose up out of the swamp in full charge. Even saw his young life flash before his eyes just before his father leaped onto the creature's back out of nowhere. Armed with nothing but his bare hands, T'Challa wrestled the 8', 300lbs croc as it spun him (and itself) around in the water 360degrees at least 10 times. Evan backed up near the banks when he noticed another croc coming at him (its jaws opened wide in full attack mode). Trying not to panic, Even ripped a 12" bone from his arm, then wedged it into the creature's mouth, keeping it from being able to snap it shut. The crocodile shook its head wildly (trying to lose the wedge) while Evan Nudist Preteen made his escape. "DAD...!!" he yelled into the swamp, only able to see glimpses through the rough splashing of water as the creature's tail hit the waters. Evan worried for his father as more crocodile moved in for the kill. But within a few second (which seemed like an eternity to Evan), his father emerged from the swampy waters as the large crocodile slowly swam away in defeat... "Dad...!!" cried Evan, as T'Challa slowly made his way back to dry land. "Dad..., I thought I lost you...!" "Evan..., never EVER go into the swamp unprepared...!" warned the father, hugging his son. "I won't dad..." cried Evan into his Nudist Preteen father's chest, for nearly getting him killed. "...I never will again...!" T'Challa placed his hand under his son's chin, lifting his head... "Wakanda men DO NOT cry, son...! Buck up!" he ordered, sternly. "We are WARRIORS! We make men crumble at our feet!" "Yes sir, father...!" said Evan, snapping out of it. When T'Challa started to attack again (renewing the fight), Evan countered by spiking his bones through his skin like a porcupine. "I don't see HOW you can defeat me if you can't TOUCH me, dad...!" said Evan, cockily. "One doesn't always need his hands to defeat an opponent, son...!" advised T'Challa, jumping up to retrieve a vine, as he wrapped each end about his hands as a weapon. "No offense dad..., but what can a VINE did against THIS...!" said the boy, shooting his spikes all at once. T'Challa dove to the side (getting cut by several sharp ends) and somersaulted to safety. Evan (sensing victory) moved in as T'Challa reached up and bound Evan's right wrists, then forward flipped up over his head to land behind him (back to back), wrapping the vine strategically about the boy's neck before crouching down, pulling the vine tight about Evan's throat to cut off his breathing supply. In a last ditch effort against his father, Evan spiked his body again, sending sharp pointed bone spikes through his dad's back. T'Challa grit his teeth in pain, but refused to give in as he pulled the vine tighter. Evan found himself quickly losing consciousness as the jungle suddenly became dark... Once Evan stopped struggling, T'Challa knew he had passed out. Releasing the vine, he felt his son's limp body fall to the jungle floor, the spike ripping sorely from his back as they slowly receded back into Evan normally. T'Challa could feel the blood running down his back, and knew he would have to have medical ointment to treat it back at the palace. But first he attended his son, making sure he was merely unconscious and not accidentally dead. Unwrapping the vine, he checked his pulse, then confirmed he had merely passed out from a lack of sufficient oxygen. Evan lay on his stomach. It was traditional that the loser got dominated by the surviving warrior. T'Challa knelt down over his son's unconscious body, then parted his legs and lifted his loincloth to reveal his bare buttock. T'Challa stared down at Evan buttock lustfully, his big thick African dick growing long and hard between his thighs as he remembered his first lost to his father (T'Chaka) many moons ago, when T'Chaka (in the same boat as T'Challa), took his defeated son's ass while he was unconscious. So keeping with tradition, T'Challa reached down and parted Evan's tight firm ass cheeks, revealing his tight tiny brown asshole. Leaning inward, he placed his face down between his son's cheeks, then began lapping lovingly at his hole. Even was completely unaware that his father was eating his anus, as T'Challa started to shove his long hard tongue as far as he could up past his son's tight sphincter muscles. Drenching the rectum in warm spit for lubricant, T'Challa lay down over his son's back, then pulled back his foreskin and aimed his giant 10" dick up between his son's tight virgin cheeks and pushed inward... "uhhh..." groaned Evan unconsciously, he body feeling the invasion even while he slept. T'Challa wanted penetration to be painless for his son, but knew there would be a great deal involved, due to his sheer size alone. The pre-cum coming from T'Challa's leaky dick head, helped make the penetration a little easier, as the head and shaft started to stretch the poor sphincter muscles out of shape. "uurrhhh..." groaned Evan, squirming about against the forest floor. T'Challa inches himself in slowly, pulling back and reloading ever so often to help stretch the hole without damaging it. When T'Challa awoke from his father's raping, his asshole ached for days, and leaked his father's glorious load for two days straight. T'Challa hoped to achieved the same end result, minus the severe pain. HIS father had not been cautious when he entered him, T'Challa however, was very aware of his son as he slowly pressed his pubic haired abdomen into Evan's ass, indicating total sheath of his amazing tool. Evan had his father's entire man-slab inside him, and didn't know it. T'Challa felt the fighting sphincter flexing and gripping him madly, trying to repel him as he lodged himself deep without budging. For several long minutes T'Challa lay atop Evan unmoving, allowing his unconscious body to get used to housing him inside. Once the anal muscles began to relax automatically themselves, did T'Challa began to move his hips, slowly sliding his long thick foreskin shaft in and out. Evam slept peacefully while his father slowly fucked him. T'Challa fought against every instinct to totally butt ravish the boy, used to violently taking his foes in combat. But Evan was his son, and although he still had to endure the humiliation of domination, T'Challa wanted Evan to like it, or at least be able to tolerate it like a man. For well over 20 minutes T'Challa fucked Evan with a slow easy pace, massaging the sphincter muscles with his shaft by repeatedly sliding back and forth. But as Evan's asshole began to grow accustomed to the fucking, T'Challa found himself unable to keep the slow pace going for long. His hips started slapping into his boy's backside with power as he sheathed his schlong in and out from tip to base. The tight tiny hole squeezed him firmly, milking his manhood every time he submerged himself in the deep hot depths of his son's backside. "Oh Evan..." moaned T'Challa, loving his Nudist Preteen son's tight bunghole as he kissed him passionately about the back, neck, and shoulders. Evan began to stir as the fucking increased. Before he was even fully aware, he could feel a deep methodic stabbing in his gut as his father warm long appendage moved through him. Evan began to gain consciousness when he tried to lift up, but felt the heavy weight of his father on top of him. "Fa...father..." he moaned softly, his innocent voice like erotic music to T'Challa's sensitive ears. "shhh son..." said the older man, humping heatedly as he nestled his face next to his son's, his hot male breath on Evan's neck and ear. "...don't try to speak..., just accept what your father is doing to you...! It will bond us together forever...!" "Okay, dad..." said Evan, spreading his legs and arching his back to allow his father's dick to probe him deeper. T'Challa stuck his tongue in his son's ear, passionately licking and sucking the inner and outer shell as he pounded into his body. Evan grunted after every inward stroke, his body slammed into the jungle floor beneath him while his father rode him on top. T'Challa's hips slapped into his ass like a paddle punishing a naughty boy. His big dark dick sped in and out of the clinging hole with power, grace, and a strong determination to sperm the virgin innards with his might seed. The two men fucked like jungle cats as Evan accepted his father's lance. T'Challa could feel his passion rising as his dick began to pulse and throb. He wanted to slow down (to savor the victory and defeat), but his hips wouldn't let him. Instead the fucked faster, speeding the process as Evan's asshole began to heat up from the growing friction. "Oh god, daddy..." he pleaded as T'Challa lost control of his senses. When Evan tried to squirm form underneath him, T'Challa roughly bit into the back of his son's neck like a wild cat, paralyzing him while he fucked. Evan felt his father's teeth sink into his skin, holding him hostage while he slammed his hips into his ass. "GGGGGGRRRRRRRRHHHHHH...!!" growled T'Challa, losing sight of himself. He pounded Nudist Preteen Evan even harder, his long hard sausage beating Evan's prostate to death, causing the boy to seed the jungle floor prematurely. "ARRRRHHHH...!!" groaned Evan, coming against the grassy ground. T'Challa felt Evan's asshole start to spasm during his orgasm, as he rammed his entire horse dick inside his son's convulsing body. "AAHHHH...!" screamed Evan, speared on all rock hard 10 inches of his father's prize possession. T'Challa held his dick up in his son's flexing rectum for several seconds, holding his breath as his son's sphincter muscles flexed and squeezed rhythmically about his embedded shaft. Evan felt the dick lodged inside him pulsate and swell..., then felt it burst into throbbing as it suddenly sent wad after thick rich gushing wad of potent royal African cum into his body. "AAAARRRRRRHHHHHGGGGGG...!!!" screamed T'Challa, coming hard as he flooded his son's colon. Evan felt his innards become warm and wet with liquid sludge as his father's dick pulsed lively inside him. T'Challa tightened his grip about his son's torso, holding him in a death grip as he emptied his balls into him. Evan groaned in painful pleasure as his father's strong virile body withered and shook atop him. Taking his father's seed was definitely an honor. Evan was glad that he didn't loose his virginity to Cannonball, or Gambit. He lay proudly against the jungle floor in African, his kingly father (T'Challa of Wakanda) lying on top of him, filling him with the royal seed of kings. Nothing could be finer...Next: JAILBREAK FROM THE VAULT __________________________________________________If you would like to read more XMEN TALES, hit me up or message me on my Facebook page under the same name with your questions & comments!
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